3 comments on “GNU Screen: Split Screen Terminal

  1. Oh, I never knew Ctrl-a Tab switches between windows. I always bound :focus down to a key instead. Haha.Also, did you know that Ctrl-a Space switches to the next terminal session too? Can be quicker than Ctrl-a n as you can do it with one hand 🙂

  2. Hmm never knew that, though only time I ever use it is when I’ve lost the last screen session somehow. Incidentally, have found screen -x will restore when an SSH session has lost the current screen session but not released it for screen -r (happens with Putty and Vista with distressing regularity) – believe it was initially meant for having the same screen session open on multiple computers. Will add both to the article above.

  3. Yeah, screen -x is 'Resume to already attached screen session'. Also, if you run lots of screens; screen -S somename gives the screen a name. You can then use screen -ls to list the current screen sessions (and their status).

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